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Our new CiVilaCom line of civil safety radio gear. Coming soon.

Congratulations you've taken your first step to a better solution in cost effective group radio communications!

 We have used two-way radio systems for years as a tool to communicate with our group locally as well as state wide. Used to coordinate every day incidents, as well as emergency and training activities.  The PEG radio system is now available to the masses due to the interests that we've received in the early days of it's development.  The PEG radio system and licensing programs exists because I felt, if I were going to put in the time and effort to create a radio system and licensing program for my non-profit public service group it was time to take it a few steps further and develop the program with all of the features and capabilities that I wanted in a professional radio system. The goal was to bring the same expandable, feature rich and PRIVATE civil radio system but in a package that has been designed specifically for civil groups and organizations.

The goal is to simplify the process of obtaining a two-way radio license, enabling each applicant to have access to a greater level of radio communication.  This FCC license allows you to legally use your assigned channel(s) using radio equipment you own, with no monthly costs or reoccurring fees (except FCC license renewal every ten years), freeing you from the over populated license free public radio services such as the Family Radio Service and others like it.  The Preparatory Emergency Groups (PEG) radio licensing programs are intended for organized preparedness groups not necessarily individuals.  The intent is the cost of the license split among it's members.  In many cases the cost per-person will be less expensive ($85) than a GMRS radio license but with far more capabilities.

An ideal fit

We've developed this licensing program specifically for the civil organizations and groups, including public service agencies, emergency preparedness, alerts and monitoring groups  and similar organizations to help bridge the gap in communications when other methods fail due to natural disasters, power outages, economic collapse, Internet service shut downs and other related emergencies.  This frequency band is ideal for this use and is the reason why we have put so much effort into making the PEG license program a reality. 

Authorized channels for your group and only your group! 

A routine and mandatory part of any Land Mobile Radio license is the process known as frequency coordination.   This is carried out by our authorized FCC frequency coordinator (a service that is included in the PEG licensing program).  This non-profit organization is responsible to ensure that any and all frequencies (channels) authorized in a license aren't going to interfere with another licensed user.  It's the frequency coordinator's job to make sure your channels are free from interference and usable to you as the licensee.   Your new license legally covers all that are authorized by the license holder.  The PEG licensing program authorizes hundreds of users on a single license.  More users can be authorized without much fuss.  We hope you find the licensing process pleasant.

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