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Preparatory Emergency Groups

 What is "PEG"?  The Preparatory Emergency Groups (PEG) is both a custom licensing program and radio system designed and offered by US Preparatory.  It's the first radio communications system for the civil community (non-commercial) providing an independent alternative to mainstream forms of communication and personal radio service options.

Designed, but not limited to emergency communications and neighborhood watch groups, civil organizations such as disaster relief and shelter organizations as well as general notification and emergency preparedness groups.  PEG dramatically increases resources to you and your family by creating a local support network within the user community that offers vital information, personal safety and situational awareness in the event of an emergency. Here are some of the major advantages over personal radio services such as HAM radio, GMRS, CB, FRS and MURS options:

  • No classes, individual radio licenses or technical knowledge necessary
  • PEG specific hardware eliminates the complexities of a conventional radio system
  • A single group license covers all authorized users of this private radio service
  • User IDs, protocol and procedures are set by the group, not by a “community” of outsiders
  • The national InterGroup channel allows for communications with other PEG licensed groups
  • PEG users have priority use of the channels within 75 miles of the coverage area

The licensing programs and system design offer capabilities and features usually only seen in government radio systems but at a fraction of the cost using unconventional hardware and a different design layout compared to a traditional radio system.

PEG is more closely related to the radio system of a fire department than a HAM or GMRS radio repeater. Designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind. From a simple simplex, radio to radio system to a multi-county or state wide area system and beyond, PEG's likely what your looking for.

Our mindset is geared towards community safety, general awareness and well being over profits and PEG systems are one of the tools to help offer this providing a better alternative for groups and organization that take their radio communication system seriously.

Learn more about PEG civil radio programs below.


Interested in getting involved in an existing PEG radio system? Getting involved in an existing PEG system is the easiest way to increase your resources and support in times of need while dramatically improving situational awareness of local incidents in your area by connecting you with other local, like minded families and individuals. Many PEG radio systems even offer emergency incident reporting, informing and updating you of the status of emergencies in your area.  Learn more


 Creating A PEG System

Considering installing your own radio system for your group or community?  Unlike personal radio services such as HAM, GMRS, MURS or CB radio, PEG offers dedicated channels for your group and only your group with no individual personal licenses necessary.  A single group license covers all authorized users on the system.  PEG systems and licensing programs have been designed from the ground up for civil communication groups and organizations including disaster relief and public service agencies,  emergency preparedness groups, neighborhood watch organizations, CERT and REACT teams - any civil group or organization that needs a flexible radio system. Whether you're a seasoned radio operator or new to radio, the PEG systems are designed to be installed by just about anybody. Requiring a minimum of mechanical ability and little to no experience in radio communications.  Learn more.