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Our new CiVilaCom line of civil safety radio gear. Coming soon.

Chris finishing up the installation of the PEG Exeter Node station in a 105ft Northern White Pine tree.Chris finishing up the installation of the PEG Exeter Node station in a 105ft Northern White Pine tree.Our founder, born in 1971 has been re-purposing electronics since he was eight years old. Modifying remote control cars to lower and raise window shades, transforming record players into rotating emergency light beacons, turning tape recorders into whole house PA systems and lighting his bed sheets on fire with a heater made out of springs and a light dimmer was just a few of his early "projects". Always displaying a passion for electrical, lighting, communications and electronics.


Chris got his technical start with personal computers in 1984 with the Texas Instrument 99-4A and Tandy Color Computer 2. His computer skills played a roll later on helping with schematics and wiring layouts in 1990 when he was hired from a vocational high school program, originally as a cabinet maker. Soon his employer recognized his electrical skills and was promoted to the industrial shop electrician at age 19 working for a large store fixture company in Attleboro MA. supervising jobs for stores like Things Remembered, The Sharper Image, Lancome, Clinique and the Disney Store to name just a few.


His passion for communications started with wired home intercom systems and Radio Shack walkie talkies in the early days to modifying cordless phones to a quarter mile range. His involvement in public safety communications started with monitoring local police within his helmet to avoid being caught while riding dirt bikes and eventually leading to his short lived involvement in CB radio which he quickly outgrew while seeking a better more reliable form of radio communications for his 1990 community based safety and assistance organization in the city of East Providence called CRP. He obtained permission to install his first radio repeater system on the top of a high rise building in the city and never looked back, building custom radio communications system ever since for his public service organizations and personal needs.


Obtaining an amateur radio license in March of 1994 Chris was involved in HAM based emergency groups while being self employed in 1995 starting with Power Faze Automotive Electronics and Diagnostic. Serving consumers, the used car dealership market and subcontracting for one of the states largest public safety supply stores. Providing services ranging from automotive electrical problem solving, the installation of remote starter, security and convenience systems to emergency lighting and communication equipment installations for public safety agencies. Working with many police and fire departments, the offices of the Department of Corrections, State Marshals and Sheriffs gave Chris got the bug to do more when it came to helping others and doing things on a professional level.


In 2000 Chris leads a state wide emergency services organization as an official chartered team under REACT International's umbrella called Ocean State REACT. That name would change to Rhode Island State REACT within a year. This non-profit was involved with many other non-profit organizations, state and local government. Providing services such as communications, coordination and support services for local events and emergency incidents. State REACT was also part of the state's emergency task force in 2003 as a part of the radio communications' solution for emergency and non-emergency incidents. Later in 2011 Chris created the United Civil Emergency Services Agency (UCESA) to have more input and control when compared to the chartered REACT team


In 1999 Chris assisted fellow pianist and best friend to open a professional recording studio in Seekonk MA. Recording technology was changing from tape to hard disk based. At the time there were no resources to obtain computers powerful and specific enough for use as a professional audio recording platform. Based on Chris' interest and history with computers, ePortel PC Systems was formed in 2002. Originally to produce professional audio recording computers it soon expanded into a computer development, sales and service company. A few years later ePortel's line of computers was born and expanded with some help from a contact in Guangzhou China . In this same time frame Chris was developing a Windows operating system alternative call Oasis Desktop to combat the viral and maintenance problems of Windows.


He built his first store and forward repeater system out of a Conair and later AT&T digital answering machines in the early 90s and continued to refine and improve on this technology from time to time for the last twenty years. Each project Chris started he stuck with it. Always refining and improving his skills and the products he was working on. He has always had a passion and knack of taking equipment or methods that are regarded as "inferior" or less than ideal and transforming it by removing as much of the negative attributes while trying to enhance the positives until the results was either a new product or a vastly improved old product.

This leads us to where he is now. US Preparatory as a company was actually formed out of necessity spawned from a statement spoken by UCESA's fiscal sponsor. When Chris mentioned the plans for UCESA to offer a few special electronic controller items for the radio system he was creating he was advised that if these products was going to be regularly sold by this organization, it would be best to form a separate company. This is because of the complications of a non-profit organization selling products on a regular basis as this tends to be the exact opposite point behind a non-profit organization.


Chris began to think about the possibilities of forming a small company specifically to support civil groups, emergency preppers and like minded folks. He soon realized that forming this small company would allow these special products and ideas to make it to the people who could really benefit from them but on a larger scale involving communities rather than a few individuals. All the ideas and existing products that have been used by him and his groups to form successful communications systems could be available to all. He's excited to bring these custom products and ideas to market for the good of a lot of people. Products that will hopefully change and open a new chapter in civil group radio communications.