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Our new CiVilaCom line of civil safety radio gear. Coming soon.

The CiVilaCom brand of communications equipment is coming soon!

Radio equipment is an investment in safety and convenience.  Unfortunately the current offerings from most overseas manufactures doesn't meet any of our requirements or the industry standards. In fact, they are not even close.  We are excited to finally offer communications equipment that equals the build quality and features as the Big Boys (Kenwood, Motorola, Hytera, etc.) but at a price point hundreds less while actually offering more features and far better value.  Designed to US Preparatory's specifications for the PEG radio service but also all conventional analog and DMR digital systems as well.  

Our CiVilaCom brand is manufactured to strict FCC Part 90 professional standards meeting the legal requirements for government, public safety and civil safety organization usage while offering a high level of dependability and durability for its users.  Whether you're the owner of a civil PEG radio system or simply a subscriber of one in your local area, the CiVilaCom brand meets the rigorous professional standards required by PEG civil safety radio systems but also meets all FCC requirements for all conventional analog and DMR digital radio systems, ensuring reliable communications you can depend on.


Some of the features of CiVilaCom communications equipment:

  • Easy to use and customizable programming controls can be configured for your needs
  • Durable shatter/crack proof ABS cases ensure drops won't take your radio out of service
  • Full analog signaling supports Motorola MDC1200, 5 tone, 2 tone and DTMF capable
  • Full analog coded squelch options such as CTCSS and DCS as well as DTMF for selective paging
  • Full support of Stun/Revive in formats MDC1200, 5 Tone and DTMF disables a stolen or missing radio
  • Advanced scan features place the CiVilaCom radios a step above the others
  • DMR digital mode is fully compatible with Motorola, Hytera and many other DMR based radio systems
  • DMR mode supports private and group talk, private and group texting, GPS and many other features
  • CiVilaCom radios are priced many hundreds below the big boys offering more features and better value
  • Our vehicle line of mobile radios offer remote mountable control heads using an off-the-shelf Cat5/6 Ethernet cable for flexible mounting/installation options in today's compact vehicles

Product information and availability coming soon!