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We are excited to provide a different approach to personal and group radio communications. Our goal is to offer affordable radio communication solutions to individuals, groups and organizations for emergency preparedness, remote properties (summer homes, hunting cabins, wilderness outposts, etc.), public service organizations (CERT, REACT, UCESA, etc.) and similar purposes with unconventional methods, when necessary.

This project required the manufacturing of some unique radios, controller gear, an expandable multi-zone network layout along with the new Preparatory Emergency Groups (PEG) licensing programs. These systems have been designed to be installed by folks having little to no radio experience and minimal mechanical abilities.

The products on this website is a collection of equipment and accessories that pertain to radio communications used as a tool and necessity for general communications and the safety of life and property. You'll find new and used equipment here, each configured and certified to comply with the standards necessary to function within the PEG radio environment.

I hope you find the website, the products and equipment useful for your needs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Don't have a clue where to being or confused as to how to get started? Check out the "PEG Radio Systems" page to learn more on how to move forward with your PEG radio system.