Preparatory Emergency Groups

The Preparatory Emergency Groups (PEG) is the first radio communications system for the civil community providing an independent alternative to mainstream forms of communication. This dramatically increases resources to you and your family by creating a local support network within the user community that offers vital information, personal safety and situational awareness in the event of an emergency.

Joining Your Local PEG System

Interested in getting involved in an existing PEG radio system? Getting involved in an existing PEG system is the easiest way to increase your resources and support in times of need while dramatically improving situational awareness of local incidents in your area by connecting you with other local, like minded families and individuals. Many PEG radio systems even offer emergency incident reporting, informing and updating you of the status of emergencies in your area.

Creating Your Local PEG System

Considering your own radio system for your group or community? It's likely much easier than you think. The PEG systems and licensing programs have been designed from the ground up for general safety, communications backup and emergency preparedness. Whether you're a seasoned radio operator or new to radio, the PEG systems are designed to be installed by just about anybody. Requiring a minimum of mechanical ability and little to no experience in radio communications.

Did you receive great one on one consulting about your proposed PEG radio system or extended time spent with you helping to explain the best choice of system types and answer all of your questions and concerns? Some of you have asked us to place a Donate button on the website so you can return the favor and help US Preparatory make PEG even better! Please use the button below to contribute to our efforts! Thank you for your generous donation.